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Clinical Waste Containers: Icomed offer a complete range of solutions for storage, collection and transport of Clinical waste. All of our solutions are compliant with the UN 3291 Transportation of dangerous goods legislation requiring rigid packaging.
4GSafe Boxes
Practical, environmentally sensitive and cost effective UN3291 containers for collection and transport of non-sharp clinical waste.
The 4GSafe container is a rigid outer box manufactured from recycled cardboard with an integral heavy duty inner plastic liner. It’s light weight flat-packed design reduces storage space and waste treatment costs, while the low plastic content of materials used in the box design help reduce CO2 emissions during transportation and processing.

Available in a range of capacities and liveries to suit waste segregation/treatment requirements as detailed in “Safe management of healthcare wastes v2.0”:
• Yellow (infectious) for incineration
• Orange (infectious) for treatment / incineration
• Blue (pharmaceutical) for incineration
• Offensive (waste gypsum) for authorised disposal / incineration
Pacazur Boxes
A range of UN3291 plastic boxes ( theatre bins / Burn bins )  for collection of wet, sharps and infectious waste. With two lid configurations; solid or with aperture. Single life boxes for incineration.
ICOMED Containers
A range of wheeled HDPE Plastic container for storage of Clinical Waste. Available with various options eg: non-marking wheels, adaptation for use with different lifts, locking mechanisms. Also available in UN3291 compliant for road transport to ADR.
Available in: 25L & 50L Available in: 30L, 50L & 60L Available in: 240L, 360L, 770L & 1000L
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